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"I've worked with Stacey a number of times for a shoot at Cinquieme restaurant in High Wycombe. I was very impressed with the quality of work received. Really amazing pictures but she is also very polite, professional and understanding of my needs. Highly recommend I'll be continuing to work with her."

Want something creative and dynamic that gives maximum impact?  


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Flat lay product

The best understatement


There is nothing that changes your product in to a piece or art quite like a flat lay photography image. 

Flat lay adds a strong graphic look to the end picture and your brand. Allow me to capture your product from directly above. Are you looking to showcase your menu items in one picture?This style of imagery is extremely popular. I can use ingredients, spices or toppings to decorate the main dish or drink.

Flat lay

Want beautiful, scroll stopping content for social media?


The Artistry of Jewellery Photography

I understand the importance of capturing the finer details of jewellery in the delicate features whilst keeping the brilliance of each gemstone to assist bringing your product to life

Post production and backgrounds are completed in house which means it is all one stop.

Ever ready for the unknown, I am very enthusiastic about discussing you project whether that invlove's capturing a few shots or a large scale campaign. You can ask me for advice at any stage of the process!

Let me turn your vision in to a captivating masterpiece!


Lifestyle product photography

Looking to add movement and life to your images?Want shots of your customers enjoying your menu items. This creates a relaxed, atmospheric, busy vibe that runs through your imagery

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Lifestyle products

"Wow!!! From our first conversation to receiving the beautiful images for our company website,the process was smooth,easy and fun. I can't recommend Stacey enough!

Truly blown away by the quality of images. Will definitely be back Stacey!

Such a friendly,professional and polite lady as well as producing incredible images!!!"- Bio Bink

Increase sales with professional photography for your menu items on Deliveroo

 Uber Eats

Just Eat.





Details are key! If you are really looking to promote your products to your customers getting close up detailed shots really capture the features of your product. This could be the texture, form and colours. If you are using the images for social media or a website focusing on details creates consistency between images  

What details do you need of your product me to capture?

Chefs behind the scenes at work


Restaurant Photography


Let me capture the ambience, character and feel of your food outlet or capture the close up features of a room.


"Stacey is such a friendly photographer, she really helps you smile and be at ease! The photos are all absolutely fantastic, she has a real skill and artistic eye and I love seeing them around! I think everyone could benefit from a photoshoot with Stacey "

Packshot photography


Do you want clean, high end pictures for online, brochures or PR purposes?

Online catalogue photography plays a really important role in driving online sales its important your photographs are of a consistently high quality.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and ability to produce a number of images to a high standard. Your food images will always be professionally lit to beast show the shape, texture and colour of the food and drink.

Looking to promote your packaging of your item?


Thirst quenching drink photography

Drinks often look best at a 45 degree angle or head on at table level so that the glass sits on a horizontal line. I aim to style, colour co-ordinate and use my artistic direction to place the drinks in the right place.

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